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“Discipline through knowledge” is our school motto. The simple way to explain discipline is that which keeps on going after the motivation but your discipline alone helps you and keeps on going to complete the action.

It is true that to understand the principles of discipline we need worldly knowledge but let us accept knowledge by itself cannot enlighten our life. Life gets enlightened much more through our strong faith and practice of discipline rather than our real strength knowledge.

Our ability to acquire knowledge becomes futile if we fail to practice discipline. An interesting thing about discipline is that discipline is not inherent in human begins.


Discipline is a skill that has to be learned and developed through out our lifetime. It is something that requires regular practice to achieve a specific level of perfection life. While, lack of discipline leads to failure frustration in life. A well disciplined mind leads you to virtuous and happy life.

  • Blessed with discipline we gain a lot and lot more in our life.
  • Discipline does not come easily and it must be earned.
  • Discipline will assist in any learning process.
  • Discipline is a valuable personality trait.
  • Discipline will increase ones confidence.
  • Discipline builds up a person in countless ways.
  • Discipline aids in decision making.
  • Discipline will distinguish your from other peers.
  • Discipline is foundation upon which all success is built.
  • Believe that discipline has the potential for creating future miracle.
  • Always inculcate the values of discipline in anything and everything.
  • We do and earnestly follow the paths of discipline.

Our Commitments

In view of changing as well as emerging advanced method of education, our school is committed to perform the following tasks.

  • To strengthen the foundation at early childhood in cognitive skills. Such as reading, writing, speaking listening and reasoning. Orienting the child to morality and guiding her to commit to its end.
  • To initiate each child’s talent and bring the best in her through an atmosphere which is conductive pursuit of knowledge and skill.
  • To serve the nation with earnestness and true patriotic spirite.
  • To love and learn mother tongue and put equal emphasis in mastering English Language.
  • To build positive behavior that enable child to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

Our Policy

Develop the students first, and they will be better able to learn any skills they need. Develop their confidence and they will develop social competence themselves. Encourage them think, and they will solve their own problems. Shows them that feeling are natural, and they will understand themselves.